Building Warrant Applications

A building warrant is required to ensure all building projects comply with the latest building regulations.  The Building Regulations is a set of pre-defined standards that ensures safe building practices.

It is required generally for :-
Extensions, Conversions and Alterations to internal load bearing structures.

It takes to deal with ensuring that :-

  • The structure is stable which includes assessing any Structural Design Calculations
  • All Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and Ventilation is in accordance with the British Standards
  • The method of construction does not cause dampness
  • The structure has the correct thermal insulation.

CAF Designs produce al the neccesary drawings specifications and applications to obtain a building warrant. The application once lodged can take the authority on average 8 weeks to send out the initial "Plan Assessment Letter". This letter highlights any issues Building Control has with the proposals.

Once these issues have been rectified and building control are happy the Building Warrant is granted.

You cannot start construction without first obtaining a Building warrant and any other permissions required.